CIP Translation Agency.


Project Manager, Lead UI/UX Designer

Branding, UX/UI, Responsive Web Design, Development

CIP is a B2B services provider specialising in communication and documentation in languages and internationalisation consultancy.

The client asked us to develop a website objective was to priorice the access to the company information through modern and simple design where costumers can apply for an estimate. The previous website the company had was built with the old ActionScript language.

A well-integrated website with SEO tools.

For CIP SL we have designed and developed a corporate website using the WordPress CMS. It is a website that has the most advanced tools for SEO optimization.

Multi-lingual SEO optimitzation.

The website was developed in four languages focusing on multi-language SEO optimization to target the website in different European countries.

The process.

My role was the project manager. Developed the first interview through a question form. Lead the client meetings, did the competitor research and analysis, performed the user interface architecture, wireframes, website prototypes and the website design. Supervised the web developer’s work.

Modern design.

A minimal design user interface and clean use of typography were used to give the website a fresh and elegant look.

Full Screen Menu.

Emphasis has been placed on the UX so that the user can easily find the products. Product pages are based on detailed product images with a clean layout and simple, intuitive navigation.

Everything on grid.

On the website we also need to determine a grid for the content and other elements.

Easily estimate application form.

The form to obtain a budget should be quick and easy. The company only needed to have the document to be translated or the number of words that the document had.

Company overview.


The focus here is to provide just the right amount of detail without sacrificing clarity and length. Essentially, we want visitors to be able to quickly and easily grasp what it is that the company does without any confusion or need for further clarification.  

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